Best Huawei APN Settings for Internet – (Latest Guide)

Using Huawei and you want to configure Huawei APN Settings manually? If yes then here you’ll find the perfect settings for your network. Huawei is one of the biggest mobile phone brands in worldwide. This company is providing its services in all countries. They have so many products as well. Therefore this company is growing day by day.

Huawei APN Settings

For APN settings, you need to follow bellow instructions.

  1. Go to mobile settings
  2. Click network connections
  3. Tap on Mobile data
  4. Select “Access Point Names”

Now here you can configure APN according to your network data.

huawei apn settings

Note: These settings will work in any Huawei model like Mate, Nove & P series.
  • Name: Telecom Network
  • APN:
  • Proxy: Not set
  • Port: Not set
  • Username: Not set
  • Password: Not set
  • Server: Not set
  • MMSC: Not set
  • MMS proxy: Not set
  • MMS port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 410
  • Authentication type: None
  • APN type: default,mms,supl,hipri,fota
  • Protocol: IPv4
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: LTE
  • APN PPP phone number: Not set

Benefits of Huawei APN Settings

There are a lot of benefits of updating APN in Huawei mobile. This will impact on your internet speed and network signals. Many Huawei phone have signals issues. People have to take their mobile to shop. This will take so much time. But with the APN Settings, you can set your network problem within minutes by sitting at your home. These settings will also for Huawei modem and router.


If you’re using Huawei phone then you’ll check Huawei APN settings. Compare these settings with above settings. If there is any change, then replace the data with our data. Before this, you need to check your mobile network if the coverage is strong. Otherwise you won’t get many benefits from updating APN. Still have any question? Ask us in comment section.

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