Best iPhone APN Settings for Internet – (Latest Guide)

If your iPhone is missing APN and you’re having problem in internet browsing, then don’t worry. Here you’ll find iPhone APN Settings which you can set on iPhone easily. Many people are facing this problem and they want permanent solution for this issue. Here we’ll discuss the solution and also we’ll talk about why iphone misses APN file. We know that Apple is one of the biggest mobile companies in the world. This company has worldwide users. Many users in different countries face the APN problem. In the end, they can’t connect to the internet. Therefore they have to enter data manually.

iPhone APN Settings

To find your APN settings, you need to follow the steps.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Cellular
  3. Now tap on Cellular data network

In this section, you have to configure your iPhone APN settings according to your telecom network.

iphone apn settings

Note: This APN configuration is for iPhone 5,6,7,8,X & 11. You can do changes in any iphone model easily.
  • APN:
  • Username: Leave blank
  • Password: Leave blank

Reasons of Missing APN in iPhone

There are many reasons which can cause the missing APN settings. During update, iPhone missed some important data such as APN or sometimes because of network coverage, your APN settings missed the signals. The solution is that you’ve to enter iPhone APN Settings manually.


Before going to change your APN Settings, make sure that the coverage of SIM network is strong in your area. Many people don’t look does that and they end up having nothing. So, If you want full benefits, then you have to make sure first. Hope you find this iPhone guide useful and it’ll solve your problem. If you have any question regarding to Apple mobile, you can freely ask in the comment section. Our team will help you as soon as possible.

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